hi, i'm misha!
it’s nice to meet you ︎

I was raised in South Florida and currently live in NYC. I am an avid photographer, nature enthusiast, plant lover, and vintage furniture fanatic.

My approach to design is centered around storytelling, crafting intriguing aesthetics, and creating an entertaining product for users. I have worked as a game designer and visual designer for a small startup, and I have experience both freelancing and hitting project deliverables for large corporates.

My family is from Taipei, Taiwan, and I draw a lot of inspiration for my work from the city-nature combo, where I can enjoy a coffee at a design-oriented cafe and then go hiking on a beach trail later in the same day. 

When I'm not designing, I'm usually tinkering around with my camera, playing video games, rearranging my apartment, or exploring art museums. ︎

misha yu is a UX/UI designer with a focus on visual design, branding, and gamifying products.
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