1. Built the product from zero
  2. User research, usability testing
  3. UI design
  4. Game design
  5. Branding


  1. Launched a successful demo of the game, iterated on the design, and released a v2 that received positive feedback from our Discord community
  2. First game launched on Magic Eden, built on the Solana blockchain


  1. Double Jump is a platform-royale race-to-finish browser game, one of the first games to be built on the Solana blockchain.
  2. Our objective was to build a browser version of Fall Guys, a free massively multiplayer game where people raced against friends through obstacle courses.
  3. By making it browser-based, we ensured accessibility by circumventing the necessity of downloads or gaming consoles. However, we had to work with many restrictions of having it purely browser-based, mostly pertaining to optimizing graphics and visual design (due to limited storage).