︎︎︎ select freelance projects

I’ve been practicing photography for the past 10 years now,

exploring both digital and film formats and honing my experience with lighting equipment, SLR lenses, filters, and editing software.

I am naturally drawn to photographing slice of life, nature, objects, architecture, and portraits. Particularly, for object photography and portraits, I enjoy the process of figuring out the vision, styling, art direction, lighting, and execution of the shot. I also love capturing green scenes, and you can find this aesthetic on my Instagram photography portfolio under the name soursawp.

With my photography, I also have experience curating certain aesthetics for digital and printed media, such as photobooks, zines, and graphics, frequently collaborating with other NYC creatives on these projects. Through this process, I’ve learned to weave together diverse perspectives and narratives into cohesive visual stories.

How does practicing photography aid my design thinking?

Photography has influenced my UI and visual design skills by teaching me how to evoke specific moods and emotions through image selection, ensuring that the viewer reacts in the intended way. Moreover, on a technical level, photography has instilled in me foundational design principles such as composition and color theory.

Beyond aesthetics, photography has also equipped me with practical skills relevant to design, including setting up mood boards, styling sets, communicating visual direction to other stakeholders, and executing shoots efficiently. Photography trains your visual thinking - instead of just capturing snapshots, I see photography as a way to frame your ideas and create and communicate visually.

Some freelance projects I’ve worked on include: shooting BTS for NYFW and Watch What Happens Live!, as well as several photobooks and zines with NYC creatives. 

Check out some of my travel photojournals below, as well as select works above. I’m particularly interested in photographing slice of life and green scenes.