As a personal project, I made a zine about my 2018 travels to my hometown, Taipei. This zine specifically explores the coffee shop culture of Taipei, one of the best cities to explore cafe culture as it is a pioneer in specialty shops and artisanal roasters. Taipei’s coffee shop culture closely intersects with the city’s emphasis on design, creativity, and community.

I've found that exploring photography in a series format, rather than standalone images, aligns closely with UX/UI design practices. By presenting a cohesive set of photos, whether in a photobook or a zine, I can convey a more nuanced message to the viewer. This involves thoughtful considerations of layout, typography, and color palette, all of which contribute to the overall narrative. To achieve this, I will do thorough research: Who or what is the subject? What message am I trying to convey? How can I evoke empathy and understanding? What is the context surrounding these photos?