05 Usability Testing & Iterations

The usability test centered around 3 task flows: finding a specific product via the search bar, finding a specific product via the menu, and taking the onboarding quiz. Users cited that most of the navigation was simple and easy to use, and the color palette was aesthetically pleasing. However, a few issues came up that confused most users.

The first was the initial screen - it was not clear that the “take quiz” area worked like a popup and so the rest of the screen wasn’t clickable until you interacted with the quiz area. The second issue was the quiz results - it wasn’t clear where to view them. Here are some of my iterations: 

  1. My first change was the first screen - I needed to make sure that the “take quiz” banner looked like the rest of my popups, and so I decided to duplicate the style exactly. I replaced the “no, thanks” with a simple X on the corner of my popup. Hence, the two screens were consolidated into just one main home screen.
  2. I incorporated a create account / log in screen after taking the quiz (to save results), and made the quiz navigation more robust by illustrating more thorough flow versions of: 1) signing in to view results, 2) signing in to save progress, 3) exiting without signing in.
  3. I made the results page more obvious by 1) changing the copy, 2) making the font larger, and 3) making the banner shorter so the results themselves are moved up.
  4. I added in a “view results” button at the top of the personal account page, so that users can always find / go back to view their results whenever they want.